For a groom, there are many choices as to which tuxedo lapel you may want to wear for your wedding day. If you are wondering what a lapel even is, then you definitely need our guide to show you the basics of a tuxedo jacket. A lapel is the folded flaps on the front of a jacket or coat, and to your surprise, there are different types of lapel options for grooms.

A wedding is a special day to celebrate a marriage with family and friends. The wedding is not all about the bride, the groom’s attire matters just as much! This guide is meant to help put your worries away about not knowing as much about wedding style as your bride may know. Show that you are ready to impress with your dressy look!


The notch lapel is the most standard of the folds in men’s suits. You can most commonly find them on sports coats and business suits. The notch name derives from the incision where the collar meets the lapel. Though they are the most versatile, they are best suited for semi-formal rather than a black-tie event. If you have a fancy themed wedding, you might want to explore other types of jackets!


Though it may look similar to the notch at first glance, peaks are actually wider. The term derives from the lapel that peaks up towards the face. It has a reputation for being worn in formal and traditional events and on garments such as tailcoats. It is the best fit for a fancy wedding because they are not as commonly worn, making them stand out in a fashion statement!


The modern man is best suited for the shawl. It is called a shawl because much like the feminine shawl, the jacket has a shawl-like collar. Although they are designed on dinner jackets meant to be worn to black-tie events, they have a more relaxed fit. That has made many grooms turn to them for a contemporary and minimalistic look.


So which tuxedo lapel are you best suited for? Now that you know all about the different types of lapel folds options, you have the choice to get unique and creative to match your bride. Ask a sales associate to help you find the best fit for your body type, fabric, and color to impress your guests on your big day. After all, looking good is not just for the bride!