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Wedding Dress Shopping Tips

First and foremost, congratulations to all the beautiful brides to be! Since the engagement, we can only imagine the multitude of questions people have been asking you as you plan for your wedding. Here at All About the Gown by Judy, Inc. we have had hundreds of happy brides visit our store in search of their wedding gown. From questions on pricing, to style and alterations, there is a lot to weave through when shopping for a dress. Well fret not, we will be sharing a few of our shopping tips, in hopes that they serve you well, and that your shopping experience is beyond memorable and enjoyable nonetheless!

What Is Your Budget?

Before falling in love with a gorgeous shimmery gown that carries a hefty tag, you want to make sure you set a budget. How much money are you willing to spend on your dream gown? Once an amount is set, you can narrow your choices and expectations. Make sure to factor extra costs such as alterations and veil onto your budget. You might be tempted to try on luxurious gowns just for fun, but we suggest not trying dresses on that are outside of your budget. This can either set you past your budget leaving a strain on the rest of your wedding, or give you false expectations on your ideal gown that a beautiful dress within your budget could not live up to.


Wedding dress shopping can be overwhelming, and your first wedding dress appointment can be stressful if you don’t come prepared. Take time to do your research on potential gowns that you would like to consider. Having an idea of the style of dress you would like will make it easier for your bridal salon to provide you with the best options, and ease the stress during your shopping experience.

Schedule Your Bridal Shop Appointments

Once you have done your research, and have a better idea of the dress you are looking for, it is time to book your appointments! It is very rare that a bridal shop offers walk-ins. We recommend calling at least two weeks in advance to schedule your appointments. The more appointments that you can get on the same day, the better. This will make the decision a lot easier as all the options you have tried on are fresh in your mind.

We hope these tips will help you in your wedding journey! Finding your dream wedding dress is an emotional and exciting moment for every bride to be. For gorgeous wedding gowns and a unique shopping experience trust in All About The Gown By Judy, Inc. Experience the difference and book your appointment with us!

Old Wedding Traditions That Are Making A Comeback

There are a lot of traditions to keep track of when it comes to a wedding. What is even more surprising to realize is that there are many amazing traditions and cute gestures that have been around for hundreds of years that aren’t even used as much anymore. Keep reading if you want to learn about some incredible and sweet customs that are definitely making a comeback!

Tying the Knot

When it comes to common wedding jargon, most of us have probably heard the phrase “tying the knot” at some point, but what a lot of people don’t know, is that it comes from an actual tradition that was extremely important back in the day. Originating in Ireland and Scotland hundreds of years ago, the tradition calls for the officiant of a wedding to tie the couple’s hands together with a piece of colorful ribbon or string that symbolizes the eternal bond of their marriage. We’re not sure about you, but that is one of the more adorable pieces of symbolism we have ever seen.

Wedding Bells

Another sweet saying that refers to the big day is somebody hearing “wedding bells”, which sure enough, has a long and literal history of its own. Bells ringing at the end of a ceremony symbolized the rejection of any negativity from a new marriage and blessed them with a long, fruitful union. Oftentimes it was less of the wedding bells and more of a small hand-held bell that was rung at the end of the ceremony, which was then gifted to the newlyweds. If there was ever any tension between the new husband and wife, one of them would ring the bell to serve as a reminder of their commitment and caring for each other.

Decorating the Car

This is probably the most common of the old traditions in terms of how much it is still used today. Decorating the car of the newlyweds is a relatively simple gesture, but is still fun to explain nonetheless. Starting in Germany many years ago, ribbon and bright bows would be fastened to the proclaimed “getaway car” for the new couple, which was the way guests could follow them to the reception and make sure they didn’t sneak away to the honeymoon. The wedding guests would honk their horn all the way from the wedding to the reception to get the festive mood of the party going before they even got there, making it the loudest and most adorable sentiment ever.

Money Dances

The money dance is a relatively straight forward tradition, because it is exactly what the name implies. Varying from country to country in terms of the exact way it is carried out, the purpose of the dance is to wish the bride and groom good luck with a small gift of cash in exchange for a dance. Any guest that wants to dance with the couple will walk up and put their offering in a silk bag or even pin it to the bride or grooms clothes! After the dance is over, the newlyweds frequently have quite the impressive sum of money to start off their new union the right way!


Not sure about you, but seeing all of these adorable wedding traditions and their true meaning makes us over at All About the Gown by Judy want to just melt! If you are getting ready for your big day and looking for that all-important wedding dress, trust that you are in safe hands with us because your happiness is our number one priority.