Prom season is slowly coming to an end, which means that all the trends for this year are in! Taking a peak at old trends often helps you make smart, current decisions, especially in the dress world. In today’s blog, we will be recapping the most popular and beautiful prom dress trends of 2019.


One of the best parts about prom is how it can be captured in time by all the photographs! Ensuring your dress is perfect and picture ready can be stressful. What looks amazing on the rack might not be the best for pictures. When checking out a potential dress, it can be helpful to think of its silhouette. This year was full of dresses that stunned simply by the shape! Dresses that are form fitting can really accentuate natural beauty. If you’re looking for a material that’s flattering, we suggest velvet! Another type of dress that is known for shape is a ball gown. A dress that cascades out from your waist is sure to stand out in all those prom night photographs; plus you’ll feel like a princess too!


Selecting the perfect dress is really about picking and choosing your favorite kind of detail. This year didn’t disappoint with the flashy and eye-catching details! Dresses that have patterns of embroidery stood out. Delicate beadwork and stitching makes even the most simple of dresses unique. The best part about embroidery is its exclusive and personal touch. Another way to add amazing detail is with sequins! If you’re going for a more sparkly and princess style look, sequins and glitter are going to be your best friend.


Color is a concept that many people struggle with; it can be a tricky subject to tackle. Your favorite color may not always be the most complimentary for your skin tone. This is why compromise is important. This year lacked no color! Many dresses were bold in color and stood out from the traditional toned down colors that normally are on the dance floor. Bright and happy colors such as green, yellow, or orange made a debut. Some other colors that stunned were metallic golds and silvers!


At the end of the day, the main goal you should have in mind when prom dress shopping is what you’re going to feel best in! 2019 packed a punch with all the bold and daring styles that hit the dance floor. When it comes to standing out and creating your own spotlight, the bold and confident styles win! For all your upcoming dress needs, check out our website to get started!