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The Wedding Veil Tales

A veil on a bride is like icing on a wedding cake; it’s crucial. A veil grants a bride an exclusive opportunity to add more personalized flair to their look while simultaneously tying the entire bridal ensemble together. Whether a bride sports a veil for traditional reasons or just for fun, below are a few helpful tips to consider before finalizing a decision!

Don’t Be Shy

It’s unfortunate that so many brides write off the idea of wearing a veil on their big day. Don’t be afraid to adventure outside your comfort zone and experiment with trying on veils you wouldn’t normally consider. You might just be surprised how much you love the drama of a floor length veil or the classic look of a bird cage veil.

Balance the Details

Jewelry, lace, pearls, sparkles, rhinestones and other embellishments that adorn veils and bridal accessories can easily clash with one another if not careful. To ensure the spotlight is where you want it, find ways to balance out the most important details with the less significant ones. For example, a fully laced wedding dress could be complimented by a sleek lace trimmed veil and simple accessories.

Compliment Your Hairstyle

When your spouse-to-be finally unveils your face, you shouldn’t have to worry about disturbing your hair or hair accessories. Ensuring that your big reveal goes off without a hitch requires that you plan out all of the little details ahead of time. Smooth and polished updo’s are a popular choice among brides who choose long and flowy veils.


A bride should think of their veil as their own personal spotlight while walking down the aisle. It will further highlight their glowing beauty and also look fabulous in photos. Contact us here when you are ready to find the perfect veil to compliment you and your personal style.

The Perfect Suit or Tux: Finding the Best Fit for You

When it comes to wedding day attire, it seems that men are left in the dark when it comes to their outfit. The blushing bride gets all the tips and tricks for a beautiful fitting gown, but what about her husband-to-be? The groom needs to look just as put-together as the bride, which is why a properly fitted suit or tuxedo is important. Below are a few basic suggestions on how suit pants and jackets should fit your body.

The Pants

A properly fitted pair of pants will make you look sharp, slim, and tailored. If your pant legs bunch up around the ankle and over your shoes, a much needed fitting is in order. Make sure the cuff of the pants sits on top of your shoes in the front. The back of the cuff can hang just a little bit longer than the front, but make sure it is not dragging on the ground or covering the entire back side of the shoe. It is important to wear pants that are made for your height. Items directly off the rack may not be the right length for your needs. It is also recommended to take note of your backside when you have the pants on. Make sure they lightly graze and hug your behind, but aren’t too tight or too baggy.

The Jacket

It’s all about creating the perfect balance when it comes to the jacket. If you are under 5’9”, your jacket should end mid-crotch. If you are taller than this, it can vary from the mid to lower crotch area. During your fitting, an alterations specialist will be able to determine the perfect length for your body type. The shoulder seams should come to an end where your shoulders end for a smooth finish. When it comes to your sleeve length, a modern rule of thumb is to make sure it is about a quarter of the way above your hand when you bend your wrist upwards. When you have the top button closed, it should fit comfortably around your mid-section without being too tight or too loose. If the jacket seems to form an ‘X’ shape when closed, that means it is pulling more on the bottom and it is too tight of a fit.


Hopefully these few simple tips will help you find the best fitting tuxedo or suit for any special occasion. If you are still looking for a great outfit, the experts at All About The Gown By Judy, Inc. has wide selection of tuxedos to help you look sharp on your wedding day!