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Unconventional Wedding Dresses for the Modern Bride

Often, getting married means putting on a long white gown and going to a church to wed your beloved. Today, brides are turning to other alternatives besides the conventional white dress. Brides have the freedom to choose any type of dress, and can even get dresses custom-made to their desires. Are you getting married soon but find the traditional white wedding dress too vanilla? This blog post will go over unconventional ideas for your perfect dress!

Add a Splash of Color

It’s 2019 – who says that dresses have to be white? Your dress can be any color you want it to be! If you want to look bright and confident, try looking for a striking yellow or red dress to make you the center of attention. Don’t like vibrant colors? You can also get a pastel colored dress for a softer and more subtle look. Pastel green, pink, and purple colors look stunning on any dress! That way, you can still add color without it being overbearing.

Change Up the Material

Chiffon doesn’t have to be the only material used for wedding dresses! While most wedding dresses use materials such as satin, tulle, and lace, there are tons of other fabrics that will make your dress look more unique. Silk wedding dresses look more slender and sleek and add a shiny glow to your appearance. Velvet makes your dress look soft and sophisticated, while glittery sequined fabric makes you the brightest person in the room.

Try a Theme

If you have a passion for Disney movies, you can get your dress custom-made to match the style of your favorite Disney princess. Have a love for steampunk or retro clothing? Wedding dresses can be made to match these styles as well. How about something more dark? Try out a black, gothic wedding dress for your special day! With so many options, you have the freedom to be whoever you want on your wedding day.

Ditch the Dress

Gone are the days where women are expected to wear dresses! Modern brides are turning to other alternatives in place of the typical gown. Instead, many brides are turning to chic jumpsuits and fashionable white suits. These suits are flattering and sophisticated options for those who dislike the idea of wearing a dress. Also, many untraditional brides are turning to two-piece top and skirt sets for their wedding day attire.


Unconventional wedding dresses are becoming more and more popular among brides these days. Brides feel more freedom in expressing themselves and picking out gowns that reflect their personality and individual style. For all of your wedding dress needs, visit All About the Gown by Judy, Inc. Wedding dresses are our passion; we want to help you find the dress of your dreams!

To Match or Not to Match?

Wedding planning would not be as enjoyable without the help from your friends, or for better terms: Bridesmaids. Brides choose their bridesmaids based on the amount of time they have known each other, the love they have for one another, and the help that they can provide in wedding planning. Bridesmaids even get to represent the wedding by promoting the color scheme and theme of the wedding by standing beside the bride. That means that bridesmaids are to wear similar dresses for aesthetic and traditional purposes.

A common debate that brides all over share is wondering whether matching is an outdated tradition or if it is a necessity? How is one to decide whether they want their childhood friend to match a newer friend that do not even know each other yet. How can a bride trust that the dresses picked out individually will not be so off that it becomes distracting to guests?

Who decides what someone else will be wearing? Here is a breakdown of the pros and cons of having your bridesmaids’ dresses match.


To Match: Imagine giving bridesmaids the liberty to choose their own dress as long as they honor the “teal” color theme, then finding a mix of blue, mint, and periwinkle dresses? That is a nightmare that no bride should encounter. Uniformity is aesthetically pleasing because it matches the centerpieces, table runners, and décor. It gives balance for photographs that the newlyweds want to enjoy for a lifetime.

Not to Match: While color matching can be aesthetically pleasing, some brides like to be creative and spontaneous with their theme choices. There are ways to not match and still look complementary to one another for balance and organization. Many brides like to have their bridesmaids match with different fabrics types. Different fabrics have different stretches and sizing. You can still honor the “teal” color theme with some dresses being lace, satin, or chiffon.


To Match: A wedding is a perfect time to honor traditions from all sides of the family. Matching dresses is a universal custom that most weddings honor. A wonderful way to recognize this is to have bridesmaids wear “something blue” with blue dresses.

Not to Match: Marriage is all about becoming one and starting a new chapter in your lives. Starting new traditions can be exciting and it could begin with the way you portray your wedding theme. Not everything has to be perfect on your wedding day. A variety of flowers for your bouquet, a mix of square and roundtables, and an elegant mix of blush-pink with mauve can make a bold and symbolic statement.


To Match: Shopping in bulk is an option that a bride can utilize when buying big quantities of the same dress. Some brides prefer to only dedicate one day to bridesmaid shopping because there is much more to do when preparing for a wedding. When the bride already has one dress picked out, all she needs to do is join her bridesmaids in the first fitting to introduce the dress to them. After all, the wedding is about the bride first so valuing her time is a must!

Not to Match: Travel time and fitting scheduling do not have to be a factor when a bridesmaid gets to choose their own dress. If the color scheme is important, it is advised to provide a color palette key to the bridesmaids for them to know where to aim in their private shopping time. The liberty to pick out a dress of choice at own times takes away the hassle for out-of-town bridesmaids to travel to the boutique at one given date.


To Match: A wedding is all about the bride and groom. They get to decide all the details about their big day, including the bridesmaid dresses. While bridesmaid input is important to make sure that they are comfortable with the decisions, a bride’s morale is the most important. Making adjustments to the wedding plan that the bride has dreamed of since she was a little girl is not a good way to start the wedding journey. It is the bridesmaids’ duty to make the bride feel special, and that includes wearing the dress that she envisioned from the start.

Not to Match: One size does not fit all, and that also applies for dress cuts and styles.  It is not fun for the bride to have to deal with complaints about mustard not being their color or that low “V” cuts are uncomfortable to wear because of chest exposure. Preference complaints are not the only reason why morale can be lowered. Some dress cuts do not fit a certain body type no matter what size they try on. Side zippers don’t work for wide waists, strapless dresses do not stay up for larger chests, and mermaid hems might not slip on for bigger hips. When bridesmaids get to choose their own dress, they can adjust to their body type and feel more comfortable representing the bride in a better mood.


Honoring traditions, making new ones, and keeping the bride and bridesmaids happy are all reasons to decide whether to have bridesmaids match or not. What is vital to remember is to follow your heart and prioritize what is the most important for a special day that no one will ever forget. There are ways to be creative and find a balance between all factors to complete a dream wedding.

The History of Quinceaneras and How They’re Celebrated Today

A quinceanera is a lavish celebration that has continued the tradition of young girls bidding their childhood farewell and being welcomed into womanhood since the Pre-Colombian era. The origin of quinceaneras dates all the way back to the Aztecs, Mayans, and Olmecs. The name “quinceanera” means “fifteen-year-old” and is reserved for girls.

While various traditions have been abandoned in today’s quinceaneras, the ball gown is a fashion choice that has remained an iconic aspect of these celebrations since the 19th century. This blog will summarize the history of the quinceanera and explain how today quinceaneras differs from ones in the past.

History of the Quinceanera

For more than a century, the quinceanera celebration has been deeply rooted in Mexican culture. During the Pre-Colombian era, young women had a few choices: to become wives, sacrificial maidens, or priestesses (which only applied to the elite class). The reason why young girls celebrated their transition into womanhood at such a young age was that they were at a marriageable age. As they only had an average life expectancy of 30 years, young girls aged 14-16 years old embarked on their adult journeys.

During the Spanish conquest, however, the Spanish created new traditions while combining both Spanish and Mexican traditions. With European conquest comes the influences of culture, fashion, and dance. Maximilian I and Carlota, the emperors who ruled Mexico from 1864-67, introduced the ballroom gowns which were a big part of European couture. This is also when a German ballroom folk dance known as the “vals” became a popular tradition.

By the 1960s, Latinos who migrated to the United States were able to host big parties once they had good jobs. Quinceaneras have become more elaborate by nature since then with its photoshoots, video shoots, huge cakes, and lots of guests.

Today’s Quinceanera

In today’s society, many girls are able to create their own quinceanera celebrations, which means personalizing every aspect – dress, food, dance, music, guest list, and the ceremony. Traditional dresses were formal and usually pink, but now dress designs have different variations and colors. The style, however, still reflects the regal ballroom gown that was introduced in the 19th century.

In the past, seven chambelanes (boys) and seven damas (girls) were chosen to dance with the quinceanera as the court of honor, but now she may pick all chambelanes or all damas. The Changing of Shoes ceremony is also different. Traditionally, girls were supposed to wear slippers before changing into heels. However, the quinceanera can simply wear shoes that make her comfortable and suit her dress without needing to change from slippers to heels.


Over the years, quinceaneras have evolved and become a more refined celebration. There are still traces of past traditions, and because the celebration is widespread in different countries, there are many different versions of quinceaneras. What remains the same is the rite of passage ceremony – how a young girl becomes a young woman in the community. The day a young girl turns 15 is when she becomes a woman treated like royalty, but it doesn’t have to be the only day!

How to Choose the Perfect Accessory

Congratulations, you’re engaged! You have the ring, the perfect partner, and now you’re planning the event that’ll start your future together. Weddings are a time of excitement and tradition, but what we can all agree on is that your dress is the most important part of the day!

Your dress sets the theme and tone for the entire event, tying in everything you and your partner want for your union. Yet, with so many traditions and compromises being made, your vision and ideas for your dress can get lost in the fray. Don’t let this whirlwind take away from your wedding; with the aid of cleverly placed accessories, your dress and special day will be truly yours and unique.

Within this article, you’ll see just how the smallest things like veils, gloves, earrings and even the ‘Something New, Old, Borrowed and Blue’ motifs can give your dress and overall wedding a unique and out-of-the-box touch! An accessory here and a pop of color there are all you need to make everything stand out.

What Works with Your Ideas?

Now, it is all well and good to say how a small change can revamp your wedding style, but the challenge lies in choosing the specific accessory that can trigger it. You want to make sure the accessory flows with your theme and design for the wedding, yet will still add originality to the dress.

Listed below are some perfect accessories and tips for various themes, and all of these small additions are versatile in their use! These accessories are popping up all over the bridal world right now for the coming season, ensuring that your dress and wedding have a modern flair as well.

For the Versatile Bride

Pearls. For classic elegance, while still remaining modern, there is nothing like the timeless beauty of pearls that will elevate the charm of the past. Pearls have been making a comeback in the bridal world for a couple of seasons now, and this keeps your wedding fresh while maintaining your vintage theme. Pearls are extremely flexible in how you design them. Whether as added accents on your dress or veil, or even added to your reception décor, they are guaranteed to draw attention.

Statement Jewelry. Big studs and dangly earrings are at the absolute forefront of the bridal season, and they add an unmatchable zest to your dress. The earrings can be done with feathers, lace, or even pearls to tie into your overall theme no matter what it is. Elegant vintage, country chic, and hip modern can all benefit from this accessory. The best booster of all is their overall presence as it draws attention back to the bride, maintaining that you are the focus of the dress.

Colors. White is classic and a timeless dress color, but if you want a bit more pop and modernization to your dress, bold and fun colors are in! Whether you want them in your dress or in your bouquet for a splash of color, bold primary colors like red, black, yellow, and even blue are gaining ground on the bridal gown platform. Just this season alone, black is one of the number one go-to colors for brides; the stark color makes a statement and lets brides shine amongst the shades of ivory, crème and, egg-shell.

Now, if black is too drastic a change, which we fully understand – black in a wedding is a new concept – a soft blush or rosy pink is a fabulous non-white color that is still in the ‘bridal color wheel.’ Soft blush has made appearances for the last couple of years, but this year it has finally taken a foothold in the wedding dress world. As a solid dress color or added as an accent to a belt, sash, or tool, this is guaranteed to make you the Belle of the wedding.

Last Tip: Don’t Be Afraid to Make a Statement

It is your day – don’t be afraid to make a statement, a bang, a splash – whatever word makes you smile! Be yourself, be fun, be bold, be everything you want to be. This is a chance for you to show the world everything you love in themes, dress styles and more, but it is also the first day of the rest of your life. Start it off the way you want, filled with traditions or blazing a trail in new territory.

Our last tip is to be you. So, pick that colored-dress, put on your pearls, grab those polka dot gloves and head on down the aisle.

A Style Guide for Mother of the Groom Dresses and Accessories

It goes without saying that a wedding is a huge moment for the bride and the groom, but it is also a big day for a mother as well. As part of this age-old tradition, you’re giving your son or daughter away during this special occasion.

If you are the mother of the groom, you certainly want to look and feel your best in front of all your guests. We discussed in a previous blog post some of the arrangements you will want to make when deciding upon a dress, so in this article, we’ll expand on the conversation by focusing more on the style to follow!

Dress to Complement the Groom

Contemporary mother-of-the-groom dresses are trying their best to look more glamorous than ever before and less like you’re heading out for a night on the town. However, there’s a fine line between wearing a gorgeous dress, and appearing like you want to be on that altar yourself.

That’s why you should make absolutely certain your colors match with the rest of the wedding. All the while, you should avoid wearing the same style of dress as the other ladies at the event. The whole idea is to dress to complement the groom rather than obfuscate him.

Be Less Predictable

Most mothers of the groom go with a nice dress and blazer combo as their wedding day attire, but there’s no law that you have to follow this pattern. You can try pairing a skirt or wide-leg pants with a jacket, rather than a two-piece suit.

Another good idea is to visit a tailor. After all, not every woman can grab a dress off the rack and make it look as if it was specifically made for them. Be realistic about what changes can be made; for example, you may want to buy a dress that is a little too big to start with. With a few alterations, even that average dress can become down-right fabulous!

Learn to Accessorize

If you are not particularly comfortable with your hair, go with a hat that accentuates your facial features. Be sure to look at it and take pictures of the hat from all the different angles so you know you will love the way it looks during and the years following the event. On the other hand, if you feel uncomfortable wearing one, go with a nice blow-dry or updo hairstyle instead.

The same line of thinking goes with your shoes. Don’t feel like you have to wear those five-inch stilettos – practical shoes are very much back in style. Just make sure that if you do intend to wear flats that you have broken them in the weeks leading up to the wedding. Few things are worse than spending hours dealing with sore feet.

On that same note, keep the location in mind – if the festivities are taking place on a lawn, you don’t want your shoes getting stuck in the grass! Finally, if you intend on wearing jewelry, avoid any necklaces or bracelets that make a lot of noise so as to distract the guests. Keep any ornaments simple and modest.

By taking these recommendations into consideration, you can ensure your son’s wedding day will be memorable not only for him but for you as well! While we’re here, if you have any questions or suggestions of your own regarding this topic, please leave them in the comments section below!

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