When the day comes to begin searching for the perfect wedding dress, many brides are unware of the arrangements needed to have a successful shopping trip. From choosing the right bridal salon to making an appointment, there are a couple of steps to complete before your first visit. This is to make sure you are prepared for all of the bridal festivities to come. Continue reading to find out what we have put on our bridal shopping list.

Deciding on a Bridal Salon

Are you trying to find a reputable bridal salon near you? Brides says “do your homework before you start making appointments, since you don’t want to waste time at a shop that doesn’t carry dresses you like or has terrible customer service. Get referrals from married friends and check online reviews to find shops with solid reputations.” We recommend All About the Gown by Judy Inc.!

Calling Ahead

Does the bridal boutique you’ve chosen have the styles and designers you want? If you are unsure of what they carry, we suggest calling the store before you make an appointment. This way, you are not disappointed on your first visit. You can also ask for the price range too, they will be happy to assist you.

Shop on a Weekday

Another helpful tip for brides-to-be is shopping on a weekday. First time shoppers will have more time with the sales consultant and be more relaxed during the appointment. Try to pass up a weekday consultation, as those times are some of the busiest for bridal shops. In addition, it is a good idea to clear out your schedule for your shopping excursion. Thus, you are able to browse for wedding dresses without having to worry about other obligations.


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