Weddings are an exciting time and an important moment in a couple’s life. While you’re probably ready to soak in all the joy that comes from your wedding, the amount of money you’re spending on it might take some of that happiness away. You deserve to have the best wedding day possible, so we’ve put together a quick list of money saving tips for you to make your wedding as amazing as possible.

Invitations for the Modern Age

A long-standing wedding tradition is to send out your wedding invitations in the mail. This is one of those traditions that’s certainly out of date. Electronic invitations are a much better way to get your invitations out there. Better yet, you’ll save hundreds of dollars on not having to by specialized notary. Services like Joy, a wedding website, allows you to send out online invitations and even manage your guest list.

Choosing the Date

Ever hear about the appeal of a June wedding? You may or may not know this, but when it comes to weddings, some days are just more popular. It makes sense to do your research on popular wedding dates. Choosing one offseason, especially in winter, will save you tons of money at your venue. Your special day will be just as special no matter what day you choose!

Creativity Meet Venue

Places like churches and hotel ballrooms are traditional spots for a wedding. While they’re popular for good reason, they can be pretty pricey. There are tons of great alternative venues to choose from instead. Restaurants, beaches, breweries, and outdoor venues are fresh changes to the traditional wedding format. There’s usually no venue fee associated with these choices and they each come with their own benefits.

Breweries and restaurants will have great food and beverage choices and those will likely be the bulk of the associated costs. That means you won’t have to spend a fortune on a separate caterer and there’s no need to spend time arranging with the venue as well.

Beaches and outdoor venues are great choices too. They bring beautiful views for free. More so, space gives you room to put up things like tents and outdoor seating which is much more comfortable than cramped ballrooms and church pews.

Keep Things Exclusive

Weddings are notorious for the stress it puts on the couple deciding who to invite. Juggling which guests you want to invite and which ones you feel obligated to invite is no fun. Choosing a more intimate wedding gives you both an excuse to only populate your wedding with people you actually want to be there, as well as saving money by being able to opt for a smaller space. Likewise, it gives you way more choices for a venue, which may save you money as well.

Weddings don’t have to break the bank. By considering these simple alternatives, you can save big. When it comes to your wedding dress, that’s something you don’t want to skimp on. Choose All About the Gown by Judy to get you the perfect dress for your perfect day!