Are you approaching your wedding day and want to look as stylish and put-together as your bride-to-be? While most of the wedding preparations and the event itself is traditionally focused on the bride, it’s important to remember that this is a day for BOTH of you. Therefore, you’ll want to look and feel your best on the big day. If you need help figuring out what to wear (and what not to wear) continue reading for 5 fashion tips to consider.

Fit the Vibe

At the bare minimum, you are going to want to find the attire that matches the event. If your wedding is in a swanky hotel or another venue, you should opt for dark suits and ties or even tailcoats and a bowtie if it’s extra luxurious. If your venue is outdoors in the middle of the day, you can go more casual with lighter suit colors.   

Coordinate With Your Other Half

You may not know exactly what your partner will be wearing, but you’d both be well-served by coordinating a little bit. If your bride is wearing a top-notch ball gown, you wouldn’t want to arrive in a linen suit meant for a beach wedding. Set some ground rules with your partner so a basic level of matching styles will be accomplished.

Coordinate With the Groomsman

It’s up to you whether all your groomsman wears the same outfit as you, but even if you’re not all donning the same style of suit, it’s important everyone at least matches the style of the groom. It would look awkward if the groom is wearing a khaki suit while his groomsman are in black tuxes. Don’t stop the coordination there either. You can also coordinate your style with the bridesmaids as well. Whether it’s a vintage, ballroom, or a beach-themed wedding, everyone should have a cohesive look.

Consider Your Body-Type

To look your best on your wedding day, make sure your ensemble matches your particular body type. If you’re a little on the heavier side, you should probably avoid wearing lighter suits and go with a slimming darker tone. If you’re vertically challenged, you can add the illusion of height by a three-bottom suit jacket with low button placement. Likewise, if you’re tall and thin you can add some thickness and look broader by opting for a double-breasted suit.     


Once everyone is situated with their suits, it’s time to accessorize. These little details will set you apart from the rest of the attendees, so choose wisely. Try cuff links, a vest, or even a wild pair of socks to add some spice to your ensemble. Don’t be afraid to let your personality come out in the addition of these little details.


Your wedding will be a life-long memory, so you might as well try to make yourself look as chic as possible. For professional help in finding the perfect suit, contact the experts at All About the Gown by Judy, Inc. You’ll look and feel great after a visit with us!