Planning your daughter’s wedding is an exciting time and you are going to need the perfect dress. When it comes to finding your dress, you want something that is stunning, but not too over the top. The last thing you want to do is steal the spotlight from the bride; after all, it is her big day and you don’t want to cause any kind of issue. We know finding the right dress can be difficult, which is why we are here to help you pick the perfect mother-of-the-bride dress.

Always Dress Formally

Regardless of whether or not you like to dress formally, you are going to need to dress up on this particular occasion. Even if it’s not your style, you are going to have to compromise for your daughter’s wedding day. With so many competent designers producing idea after idea, finding a dress that meets your unique taste shouldn’t be too hard.

Find a Color That’s Right for You

Many believe the mother of the bride has to coordinate with the bridesmaids when it comes to the color of the dress, but that just isn’t true. Although most brides want everything to look cohesive, that doesn’t mean you have to match with the bridesmaids. If you aren’t really sure which way to go when it comes to color, choose one that you know will make you feel confident.

Avoid a Dress that is ‘Too Sexy’

There is nothing wrong with feeling comfortable and confident, but avoid a plunging neckline or a gown with an open, dramatic back.  Always dress your age and avoid anything that is going to outshine the bride.

Keep Everyone in the Loop

Once you have decided on a dress, it is customary to let the mother of the groom know what color you purchased. Though this isn’t exactly a needed step, it is a courtesy as to avoid the two of you wearing the same color. Can you imagine showing up in the same color?  Awkward. Better to be complementary than matching.

Finding the perfect mother of the bride dress can become a difficult task. Let our team at All About the Gown by Judy, Inc. help you find something you will absolutely fall in love with. We know you won’t be disappointed.