The world of pageantry has been making its mark around the world for over a hundred years. In its peak, the Miss America contest had over eight and a half million viewers tuning in to watch the pageantry unfold. As the years have passed, the level of competition in pageants has grown substantially and the popular dress styles worn by contestants have undoubtedly evolved a considerable amount. In this blog we will explore recent popular pageant dress colors, styles, and more!

Dress Color

If you are shopping for a pageant dress, chances are you’ve wondered which color dress will help you stand out and best help you win. While many people believe that the dress color will have no impact on the results, a few small studies may suggest otherwise. When comparing the dresses worn by crowned winners in top pageants around the world, a pattern in dress colors can be observed. By a landslide, the dress color most worn by pageant winners is white. Trailing behind white dresses are blue and yellow ones, with multicolored dresses coming in a solid last place. While the color of your pageant dress should not be your one and only priority when shopping for your dress, it is worth taking into account.

Dress Style

When the first Miss America contests were held in the early twenty’s, all of the evening looks were adorned with some type of elaborate headwear such as feathered hats and beaded turbans. The styles of formal wear worn in these contests have greatly evolved over the century, and the dress styles paraded on stage today could not be more different. In recent years, winning gowns have been less form-fitting than they have been in previous years, with extravagant trains being a popular dress style. When it comes to winning pageant dresses, trendy styles are a great choice for contestants looking to stand out and inspire the future of the competition. At the end of the day it’s most important that you feel confident and comfortable in whatever dress you choose.

Body Type

There is a perfect dress out there to help flatter every body type. Body types that are more slender can be beautifully displayed in bright colored form fitting dresses. Satin, lace, and velvet are great materials for any body type, but are especially beneficial for helping to concealing any flaws. Darker tones will work to make you appear slimmer, and contestants who would like to appear taller should stick to a solid color dress or one that’s off the shoulder.

Your dress should complement your dazzling features just as they are. Any embellishments or eye catching details on your dress should work to help bring attention to your face and your best areas. Stay away from distracting patterns and decorations near areas you tend to have problems or insecurities with.


When you envision your dream pageant dress, the words elegance, class, and beauty should come to mind. It’s important to never lose sight of the fact that you should always be the star of the show, not your gown. The gown you ultimately choose should help you shine with your own glow. At All About the Gown by Judy, Inc. we understand that you want a dress that will accentuate your beauty, help you steal the hearts of the judges, and make you feel like a million bucks. Visit our shop for help finding the perfect pageant dress for your upcoming contest!