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Why Brides Should Consider Dress Alterations

Walking down the aisle in a dress that is tailored to your body is attainable with a dress alteration! Even after trying on the dress in the changing room and showing it off in front of family and friends, it might need some alterations before your big day. Brides on the shorter side may want to change the length, while brides on the taller side can opt for more material sewn on. Cinching the dress around the bodice is also feasible with a seamstress by your side. If you’re undecided about getting fitted, read our blog as we discuss why you should consider an alteration for your wedding dress!

Standard Sizing

In the bridal industry, sizing for dresses can considerably vary. A wedding gown in a size 6 could be drastically different from another dress that is also the same size. It’s best to try on the wedding dress in store to determine if the size is right for you. Likewise, ordering a dress online can also be tricky, as the size you’re looking for might not be available. Fortunately, an alteration can fix any issues with your dress and guarantee it looks perfect on your special day.

Last Minute Details

Bridal Atelier Montclair says “wedding gown alterations can drastically change how a bride feels in her dress. The last thing a bride wants to see when she tries on her wedding dress is certain areas fitting too snug, or the dress sizing is off, and she ends up swimming in fabric — having a dress altered can address all of a bride’s worries.” You can communicate with your seamstress during your alteration appointment and let them know what you want and don’t want. Any last minute details can be made, making sure the dress fits perfectly (and looks amazing) on your body!


At All About the Gown by Judy Inc, we want to make your dress shopping experience enjoyable. The moment your dress arrives, we will have you try it on to see how it is fitting. We will then speak with you about setting up your alteration appointment. We only recommend the best, and will give you a list of excellent seamstress referrals. Visit our website to book your appointment today!

Spring 2020 Bridal Gown Trends

Following the latest trends for bridal attire is a great way to ensure your wedding is trendy and chic! Spring is officially here, which means its time to review the latest in bridal gown styles. Continue reading this month’s blog to learn more!


Spring 2020 has been a season of trendy office attire. Many women love the look of office chic clothing and are even showing up to their wedding rocking this trend. One of the best ways to bring office chic to your wedding is by topping off your look with a blazer! We believe there is nothing wrong with the look of a workingwoman heading down the aisle!

Lace Crochet 

A trend we have loved so far this spring is lace crochet! Many women will associate crochet with older trends; something they might find in their grandmother’s closet. However, we are here to bring new life to the style! All over lace crochet is making a come back, and we are here for it. There are various different ways to bring a modern feel to the style of your dress while also rocking the all over lace crochet look. 

Waist Train

We have been seeing a lot of bridal gowns this season with a waist high train! While a traditional wedding gown will have a train that is simply an extension from the main fabric, a waist train is a separate piece of fabric that is attached at the waist and flows into a train. It’s a modern take on your typical bridal gown; and we absolutely love it!

Old Hollywood

We simply cannot get enough of the Old Hollywood trends we have been seeing lately. Going back in time with touches of modern style is a great way to create a beautiful theme for your wedding. Old Hollywood gowns are very glam while also being simply. Think about the silk and satin pieces that can be incorporated into your look. Old Hollywood is a great way to make a show-stopping walk down the aisle. 


Spring 2020 has brought many gorgeous and trendy wedding looks. If you’re looking for the best wedding gown, be sure to check out All About the Gown by Judy, Inc.

Bridesmaid Dresses-Spring Edition

Spring is here, and with it come blooming flowers, floral prints, and beautiful color schemes to complement the season weddings! Picking the theme of your wedding along with the colors, might be one of the hardest decisions you will have to make during the planning process. But once those are picked, the fun and memorable steps come about- wedding dress and bridesmaid dress shopping! Follow along to learn about some of this year’s most popular bridesmaid dresses for the spring.

Floral Prints

Spring is a blooming season, where you’ll see some of the most beautiful and vibrant flowers blossom. Let your creativity flourish when it comes to picking your bridesmaids dresses. There is no rule in the wedding book stating that solid colored dresses are the only style allowed. Be bold and consider floral prints. They are a fresh alternative to the more common styles, and would match perfectly with a rustic themed wedding.

Flutter Sleeves

Flutter Sleeves bring softness and elegance to a dress complementing a spring wedding beautifully. This style looks great on a satin dress with pastel colors. The spring time is most known through light pastel tones, flowy textiles, and florals, making a flutter sleeve dress a great touch to your florescent wedding.

Soft Colors

Soft colors in the spring are a popular choice for bridesmaid dresses. From a pastel pink to a light green or dark mauve color, the options are endless! The choices are many, and any one that you choose will sure brighten up your bridal party.

Wedding planning is a wonderful part of your big day, along with dress shopping. From bold floral prints to elegant flutter-sleeved dresses and a myriad of spring colors, your bridal party and wedding will flourish during the spring. For beautiful spring styles look no further than All About the Gown by Judy, Inc. we carry gorgeous bridesmaids dresses at affordable prices.

Dress to Impress: Pageant Edition

The world of pageantry has been making its mark around the world for over a hundred years. In its peak, the Miss America contest had over eight and a half million viewers tuning in to watch the pageantry unfold. As the years have passed, the level of competition in pageants has grown substantially and the popular dress styles worn by contestants have undoubtedly evolved a considerable amount. In this blog we will explore recent popular pageant dress colors, styles, and more!

Dress Color

If you are shopping for a pageant dress, chances are you’ve wondered which color dress will help you stand out and best help you win. While many people believe that the dress color will have no impact on the results, a few small studies may suggest otherwise. When comparing the dresses worn by crowned winners in top pageants around the world, a pattern in dress colors can be observed. By a landslide, the dress color most worn by pageant winners is white. Trailing behind white dresses are blue and yellow ones, with multicolored dresses coming in a solid last place. While the color of your pageant dress should not be your one and only priority when shopping for your dress, it is worth taking into account.

Dress Style

When the first Miss America contests were held in the early twenty’s, all of the evening looks were adorned with some type of elaborate headwear such as feathered hats and beaded turbans. The styles of formal wear worn in these contests have greatly evolved over the century, and the dress styles paraded on stage today could not be more different. In recent years, winning gowns have been less form-fitting than they have been in previous years, with extravagant trains being a popular dress style. When it comes to winning pageant dresses, trendy styles are a great choice for contestants looking to stand out and inspire the future of the competition. At the end of the day it’s most important that you feel confident and comfortable in whatever dress you choose.

Body Type

There is a perfect dress out there to help flatter every body type. Body types that are more slender can be beautifully displayed in bright colored form fitting dresses. Satin, lace, and velvet are great materials for any body type, but are especially beneficial for helping to concealing any flaws. Darker tones will work to make you appear slimmer, and contestants who would like to appear taller should stick to a solid color dress or one that’s off the shoulder.

Your dress should complement your dazzling features just as they are. Any embellishments or eye catching details on your dress should work to help bring attention to your face and your best areas. Stay away from distracting patterns and decorations near areas you tend to have problems or insecurities with.


When you envision your dream pageant dress, the words elegance, class, and beauty should come to mind. It’s important to never lose sight of the fact that you should always be the star of the show, not your gown. The gown you ultimately choose should help you shine with your own glow. At All About the Gown by Judy, Inc. we understand that you want a dress that will accentuate your beauty, help you steal the hearts of the judges, and make you feel like a million bucks. Visit our shop for help finding the perfect pageant dress for your upcoming contest! 

The Perfect Suit or Tux: Finding the Best Fit for You

When it comes to wedding day attire, it seems that men are left in the dark when it comes to their outfit. The blushing bride gets all the tips and tricks for a beautiful fitting gown, but what about her husband-to-be? The groom needs to look just as put-together as the bride, which is why a properly fitted suit or tuxedo is important. Below are a few basic suggestions on how suit pants and jackets should fit your body.

The Pants

A properly fitted pair of pants will make you look sharp, slim, and tailored. If your pant legs bunch up around the ankle and over your shoes, a much needed fitting is in order. Make sure the cuff of the pants sits on top of your shoes in the front. The back of the cuff can hang just a little bit longer than the front, but make sure it is not dragging on the ground or covering the entire back side of the shoe. It is important to wear pants that are made for your height. Items directly off the rack may not be the right length for your needs. It is also recommended to take note of your backside when you have the pants on. Make sure they lightly graze and hug your behind, but aren’t too tight or too baggy.

The Jacket

It’s all about creating the perfect balance when it comes to the jacket. If you are under 5’9”, your jacket should end mid-crotch. If you are taller than this, it can vary from the mid to lower crotch area. During your fitting, an alterations specialist will be able to determine the perfect length for your body type. The shoulder seams should come to an end where your shoulders end for a smooth finish. When it comes to your sleeve length, a modern rule of thumb is to make sure it is about a quarter of the way above your hand when you bend your wrist upwards. When you have the top button closed, it should fit comfortably around your mid-section without being too tight or too loose. If the jacket seems to form an ‘X’ shape when closed, that means it is pulling more on the bottom and it is too tight of a fit.


Hopefully these few simple tips will help you find the best fitting tuxedo or suit for any special occasion. If you are still looking for a great outfit, the experts at All About The Gown By Judy, Inc. has wide selection of tuxedos to help you look sharp on your wedding day!

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