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Prom Dress Trends of 2019

Prom season is slowly coming to an end, which means that all the trends for this year are in! Taking a peak at old trends often helps you make smart, current decisions, especially in the dress world. In today’s blog, we will be recapping the most popular and beautiful prom dress trends of 2019.


One of the best parts about prom is how it can be captured in time by all the photographs! Ensuring your dress is perfect and picture ready can be stressful. What looks amazing on the rack might not be the best for pictures. When checking out a potential dress, it can be helpful to think of its silhouette. This year was full of dresses that stunned simply by the shape! Dresses that are form fitting can really accentuate natural beauty. If you’re looking for a material that’s flattering, we suggest velvet! Another type of dress that is known for shape is a ball gown. A dress that cascades out from your waist is sure to stand out in all those prom night photographs; plus you’ll feel like a princess too!


Selecting the perfect dress is really about picking and choosing your favorite kind of detail. This year didn’t disappoint with the flashy and eye-catching details! Dresses that have patterns of embroidery stood out. Delicate beadwork and stitching makes even the most simple of dresses unique. The best part about embroidery is its exclusive and personal touch. Another way to add amazing detail is with sequins! If you’re going for a more sparkly and princess style look, sequins and glitter are going to be your best friend.


Color is a concept that many people struggle with; it can be a tricky subject to tackle. Your favorite color may not always be the most complimentary for your skin tone. This is why compromise is important. This year lacked no color! Many dresses were bold in color and stood out from the traditional toned down colors that normally are on the dance floor. Bright and happy colors such as green, yellow, or orange made a debut. Some other colors that stunned were metallic golds and silvers!


At the end of the day, the main goal you should have in mind when prom dress shopping is what you’re going to feel best in! 2019 packed a punch with all the bold and daring styles that hit the dance floor. When it comes to standing out and creating your own spotlight, the bold and confident styles win! For all your upcoming dress needs, check out our website to get started!

Unconventional Wedding Dresses for the Modern Bride

Often, getting married means putting on a long white gown and going to a church to wed your beloved. Today, brides are turning to other alternatives besides the conventional white dress. Brides have the freedom to choose any type of dress, and can even get dresses custom-made to their desires. Are you getting married soon but find the traditional white wedding dress too vanilla? This blog post will go over unconventional ideas for your perfect dress!

Add a Splash of Color

It’s 2019 – who says that dresses have to be white? Your dress can be any color you want it to be! If you want to look bright and confident, try looking for a striking yellow or red dress to make you the center of attention. Don’t like vibrant colors? You can also get a pastel colored dress for a softer and more subtle look. Pastel green, pink, and purple colors look stunning on any dress! That way, you can still add color without it being overbearing.

Change Up the Material

Chiffon doesn’t have to be the only material used for wedding dresses! While most wedding dresses use materials such as satin, tulle, and lace, there are tons of other fabrics that will make your dress look more unique. Silk wedding dresses look more slender and sleek and add a shiny glow to your appearance. Velvet makes your dress look soft and sophisticated, while glittery sequined fabric makes you the brightest person in the room.

Try a Theme

If you have a passion for Disney movies, you can get your dress custom-made to match the style of your favorite Disney princess. Have a love for steampunk or retro clothing? Wedding dresses can be made to match these styles as well. How about something more dark? Try out a black, gothic wedding dress for your special day! With so many options, you have the freedom to be whoever you want on your wedding day.

Ditch the Dress

Gone are the days where women are expected to wear dresses! Modern brides are turning to other alternatives in place of the typical gown. Instead, many brides are turning to chic jumpsuits and fashionable white suits. These suits are flattering and sophisticated options for those who dislike the idea of wearing a dress. Also, many untraditional brides are turning to two-piece top and skirt sets for their wedding day attire.


Unconventional wedding dresses are becoming more and more popular among brides these days. Brides feel more freedom in expressing themselves and picking out gowns that reflect their personality and individual style. For all of your wedding dress needs, visit All About the Gown by Judy, Inc. Wedding dresses are our passion; we want to help you find the dress of your dreams!

Smartest Ways to Save on Your Wedding

Weddings are an exciting time and an important moment in a couple’s life. While you’re probably ready to soak in all the joy that comes from your wedding, the amount of money you’re spending on it might take some of that happiness away. You deserve to have the best wedding day possible, so we’ve put together a quick list of money saving tips for you to make your wedding as amazing as possible.

Invitations for the Modern Age

A long-standing wedding tradition is to send out your wedding invitations in the mail. This is one of those traditions that’s certainly out of date. Electronic invitations are a much better way to get your invitations out there. Better yet, you’ll save hundreds of dollars on not having to by specialized notary. Services like Joy, a wedding website, allows you to send out online invitations and even manage your guest list.

Choosing the Date

Ever hear about the appeal of a June wedding? You may or may not know this, but when it comes to weddings, some days are just more popular. It makes sense to do your research on popular wedding dates. Choosing one offseason, especially in winter, will save you tons of money at your venue. Your special day will be just as special no matter what day you choose!

Creativity Meet Venue

Places like churches and hotel ballrooms are traditional spots for a wedding. While they’re popular for good reason, they can be pretty pricey. There are tons of great alternative venues to choose from instead. Restaurants, beaches, breweries, and outdoor venues are fresh changes to the traditional wedding format. There’s usually no venue fee associated with these choices and they each come with their own benefits.

Breweries and restaurants will have great food and beverage choices and those will likely be the bulk of the associated costs. That means you won’t have to spend a fortune on a separate caterer and there’s no need to spend time arranging with the venue as well.

Beaches and outdoor venues are great choices too. They bring beautiful views for free. More so, space gives you room to put up things like tents and outdoor seating which is much more comfortable than cramped ballrooms and church pews.

Keep Things Exclusive

Weddings are notorious for the stress it puts on the couple deciding who to invite. Juggling which guests you want to invite and which ones you feel obligated to invite is no fun. Choosing a more intimate wedding gives you both an excuse to only populate your wedding with people you actually want to be there, as well as saving money by being able to opt for a smaller space. Likewise, it gives you way more choices for a venue, which may save you money as well.

Weddings don’t have to break the bank. By considering these simple alternatives, you can save big. When it comes to your wedding dress, that’s something you don’t want to skimp on. Choose All About the Gown by Judy to get you the perfect dress for your perfect day!

Should You Have a Trash the Dress Moment?

Should You Have a Trash the Dress Moment?

Many people dream of the day they’ll get married. It can be so much fun to plan and pick everything out. One of the biggest parts is picking the wedding dress! Tons of money can be spent on the dress that’ll be worn. That is why many people question whether they should have a “trash the dress moment”. Continue reading this blog to learn more about this moment and if it’s something you are interested in!

What is it?

A trash the dress moment is something that is beginning to gain popularity among the bride and groom duo. Essentially, it’s a photographed moment where the bride and groom participate in a scenic photoshoot that leaves the wedding dress less than spotless. Women are jumping in lakes, rolling in the mud and standing in ocean waves. A photographer then stands aside and captures the moment!

Ways to Do It

There are several different ways to go about trashing the dress, and many brides have their own opinions on the matter. Some brides prefer to have two dresses. One for the ceremony and one for the trash the dress photographs. This method preserves the ceremonial dress while still giving you the opportunity to take photos. Other women simply don’t care. Some argue that despite the water damage, tatters and tears that may occur, the dress doesn’t need to actually go into the trash after. Perhaps the damages are added memories to the occasion.

The Aftermath

Now, you may be wondering what happens to the dress after. That is entirely up to you. Some women find that the stains and tears add to the memories of the special day. If this is the case for you then you’ll want to save the dress. However, if you’re one of the brides who would rather have a second dress, then you may choose to trash it after. Either way, once the dress is trashed you will be left with photographs that hold unforgettable memories!


It is becoming more and more popular to have a “trash the dress moment” in weddings. Whether you’re in it for the fun and memories or simply the photographs, it is a unique and new tradition that many brides are adopting. There are many ways to go about it, but at the end of the day all that matters is the memories that you are left with! To see some perfect dresses for whatever wedding tradition you may be participating in, check us out!

3 Ways to Boost Your Wedding’s Flower Game

Your wedding should be just as unique and lovely as you and your partner. You both have feelings you’re hoping to express for your family and friends to witness. However, did you know that you can let your flower choices express your feelings, and carry the same uniqueness that you, as a couple, do? These are three ways to exemplify your love through your flower choices.

Don’t Be Ruled by Style Alone

By now as a couple, you’ve chosen your wedding’s style and the look you want to go for. Well, you should know that you’re not just limited to the classic roses for your bouquet (unless you really want them). When it comes to choosing your flowers, spend a little time figuring out just what you want to say with them. The language of flowers is a vast and varied thing shown through every bloom carried with a specific meaning. So let your wedding style play a part, but don’t let it rule your flower choices.

Color Means Something

When considering your flower choices through this fun and mostly forgotten language, keep in mind that the bloom’s color is also important. For example, a pink camellia will give the message that you want to be with your partner, whereas a carnation in any color could speak of divine love and its incarnations. So if you or your soon-to-be spouse have a favorite flower, check out what the meaning of the color means to add a special touch to your big day.

Let the Flowers Speak for You

When the big day finally arrives you want everything to be perfect. From your dress to the flowers, everything should be speaking of the love being shared between you and your partner. Family and friends might not immediately know the meaning behind your flower choices, but you could let your flowers speak for your love with little notes at the table or other places during the ceremony. That way you can be sure that nothing will be lost on your guests when it comes to expressing yourselves.


Sometimes it can seem like the planning of a wedding will never end, and then to add one more step to the process…just unbearable. However, we guarantee that if you put in the effort to go the extra mile with choosing your flowers to either publically or privately express the emotions of the day, you won’t regret it.

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