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Wedding Boutique Tips for Your First Visit

When the day comes to begin searching for the perfect wedding dress, many brides are unware of the arrangements needed to have a successful shopping trip. From choosing the right bridal salon to making an appointment, there are a couple of steps to complete before your first visit. This is to make sure you are prepared for all of the bridal festivities to come. Continue reading to find out what we have put on our bridal shopping list.

Deciding on a Bridal Salon

Are you trying to find a reputable bridal salon near you? Brides says “do your homework before you start making appointments, since you don’t want to waste time at a shop that doesn’t carry dresses you like or has terrible customer service. Get referrals from married friends and check online reviews to find shops with solid reputations.” We recommend All About the Gown by Judy Inc.!

Calling Ahead

Does the bridal boutique you’ve chosen have the styles and designers you want? If you are unsure of what they carry, we suggest calling the store before you make an appointment. This way, you are not disappointed on your first visit. You can also ask for the price range too, they will be happy to assist you.

Shop on a Weekday

Another helpful tip for brides-to-be is shopping on a weekday. First time shoppers will have more time with the sales consultant and be more relaxed during the appointment. Try to pass up a weekday consultation, as those times are some of the busiest for bridal shops. In addition, it is a good idea to clear out your schedule for your shopping excursion. Thus, you are able to browse for wedding dresses without having to worry about other obligations.


Make your first wedding appointment at All About the Gown by Judy Inc. We have many beautiful wedding dress collections for you to try on. Our staff is here to create a memorable shopping experience for every bride that steps in our store. Book your appointment online today!

The Wedding Veil Tales

A veil on a bride is like icing on a wedding cake; it’s crucial. A veil grants a bride an exclusive opportunity to add more personalized flair to their look while simultaneously tying the entire bridal ensemble together. Whether a bride sports a veil for traditional reasons or just for fun, below are a few helpful tips to consider before finalizing a decision!

Don’t Be Shy

It’s unfortunate that so many brides write off the idea of wearing a veil on their big day. Don’t be afraid to adventure outside your comfort zone and experiment with trying on veils you wouldn’t normally consider. You might just be surprised how much you love the drama of a floor length veil or the classic look of a bird cage veil.

Balance the Details

Jewelry, lace, pearls, sparkles, rhinestones and other embellishments that adorn veils and bridal accessories can easily clash with one another if not careful. To ensure the spotlight is where you want it, find ways to balance out the most important details with the less significant ones. For example, a fully laced wedding dress could be complimented by a sleek lace trimmed veil and simple accessories.

Compliment Your Hairstyle

When your spouse-to-be finally unveils your face, you shouldn’t have to worry about disturbing your hair or hair accessories. Ensuring that your big reveal goes off without a hitch requires that you plan out all of the little details ahead of time. Smooth and polished updo’s are a popular choice among brides who choose long and flowy veils.


A bride should think of their veil as their own personal spotlight while walking down the aisle. It will further highlight their glowing beauty and also look fabulous in photos. Contact us here when you are ready to find the perfect veil to compliment you and your personal style.

Wedding Dress Shopping Tips

First and foremost, congratulations to all the beautiful brides to be! Since the engagement, we can only imagine the multitude of questions people have been asking you as you plan for your wedding. Here at All About the Gown by Judy, Inc. we have had hundreds of happy brides visit our store in search of their wedding gown. From questions on pricing, to style and alterations, there is a lot to weave through when shopping for a dress. Well fret not, we will be sharing a few of our shopping tips, in hopes that they serve you well, and that your shopping experience is beyond memorable and enjoyable nonetheless!

What Is Your Budget?

Before falling in love with a gorgeous shimmery gown that carries a hefty tag, you want to make sure you set a budget. How much money are you willing to spend on your dream gown? Once an amount is set, you can narrow your choices and expectations. Make sure to factor extra costs such as alterations and veil onto your budget. You might be tempted to try on luxurious gowns just for fun, but we suggest not trying dresses on that are outside of your budget. This can either set you past your budget leaving a strain on the rest of your wedding, or give you false expectations on your ideal gown that a beautiful dress within your budget could not live up to.


Wedding dress shopping can be overwhelming, and your first wedding dress appointment can be stressful if you don’t come prepared. Take time to do your research on potential gowns that you would like to consider. Having an idea of the style of dress you would like will make it easier for your bridal salon to provide you with the best options, and ease the stress during your shopping experience.

Schedule Your Bridal Shop Appointments

Once you have done your research, and have a better idea of the dress you are looking for, it is time to book your appointments! It is very rare that a bridal shop offers walk-ins. We recommend calling at least two weeks in advance to schedule your appointments. The more appointments that you can get on the same day, the better. This will make the decision a lot easier as all the options you have tried on are fresh in your mind.

We hope these tips will help you in your wedding journey! Finding your dream wedding dress is an emotional and exciting moment for every bride to be. For gorgeous wedding gowns and a unique shopping experience trust in All About The Gown By Judy, Inc. Experience the difference and book your appointment with us!

Why Brides Should Consider Dress Alterations

Walking down the aisle in a dress that is tailored to your body is attainable with a dress alteration! Even after trying on the dress in the changing room and showing it off in front of family and friends, it might need some alterations before your big day. Brides on the shorter side may want to change the length, while brides on the taller side can opt for more material sewn on. Cinching the dress around the bodice is also feasible with a seamstress by your side. If you’re undecided about getting fitted, read our blog as we discuss why you should consider an alteration for your wedding dress!

Standard Sizing

In the bridal industry, sizing for dresses can considerably vary. A wedding gown in a size 6 could be drastically different from another dress that is also the same size. It’s best to try on the wedding dress in store to determine if the size is right for you. Likewise, ordering a dress online can also be tricky, as the size you’re looking for might not be available. Fortunately, an alteration can fix any issues with your dress and guarantee it looks perfect on your special day.

Last Minute Details

Bridal Atelier Montclair says “wedding gown alterations can drastically change how a bride feels in her dress. The last thing a bride wants to see when she tries on her wedding dress is certain areas fitting too snug, or the dress sizing is off, and she ends up swimming in fabric — having a dress altered can address all of a bride’s worries.” You can communicate with your seamstress during your alteration appointment and let them know what you want and don’t want. Any last minute details can be made, making sure the dress fits perfectly (and looks amazing) on your body!


At All About the Gown by Judy Inc, we want to make your dress shopping experience enjoyable. The moment your dress arrives, we will have you try it on to see how it is fitting. We will then speak with you about setting up your alteration appointment. We only recommend the best, and will give you a list of excellent seamstress referrals. Visit our website to book your appointment today!

Spring 2020 Bridal Gown Trends

Following the latest trends for bridal attire is a great way to ensure your wedding is trendy and chic! Spring is officially here, which means its time to review the latest in bridal gown styles. Continue reading this month’s blog to learn more!


Spring 2020 has been a season of trendy office attire. Many women love the look of office chic clothing and are even showing up to their wedding rocking this trend. One of the best ways to bring office chic to your wedding is by topping off your look with a blazer! We believe there is nothing wrong with the look of a workingwoman heading down the aisle!

Lace Crochet 

A trend we have loved so far this spring is lace crochet! Many women will associate crochet with older trends; something they might find in their grandmother’s closet. However, we are here to bring new life to the style! All over lace crochet is making a come back, and we are here for it. There are various different ways to bring a modern feel to the style of your dress while also rocking the all over lace crochet look. 

Waist Train

We have been seeing a lot of bridal gowns this season with a waist high train! While a traditional wedding gown will have a train that is simply an extension from the main fabric, a waist train is a separate piece of fabric that is attached at the waist and flows into a train. It’s a modern take on your typical bridal gown; and we absolutely love it!

Old Hollywood

We simply cannot get enough of the Old Hollywood trends we have been seeing lately. Going back in time with touches of modern style is a great way to create a beautiful theme for your wedding. Old Hollywood gowns are very glam while also being simply. Think about the silk and satin pieces that can be incorporated into your look. Old Hollywood is a great way to make a show-stopping walk down the aisle. 


Spring 2020 has brought many gorgeous and trendy wedding looks. If you’re looking for the best wedding gown, be sure to check out All About the Gown by Judy, Inc.

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