While your wedding and attire should undoubtedly reflect your individual taste and preferences, it’s never a bad idea to keep current trends in mind as a starting off point of sorts. Unfortunately, wedding trends can be hard to pin down and even harder to predict if you consider just how often they’re swapped, changed, and revamped! This only holds doubly true for bridal accessory trends. Because these small additions to a bride’s dress and outfit are incredibly personalized and varied, “trends” in their use can vary based on who you ask for recommendations.

Fortunately, however, for those interested in an unbiased report on current trends from a team of wedding dress and bridal accessory professionals, we are more than happy to enlighten! Read on for a few trends our team has noticed for the year of 2018 and create a fashion-forward, jaw-dropping look for your special day!


As is common practice for most wardrobes and outfits, the goal of your wedding dress should be to create an elegant silhouette and, more importantly, draw attention up to the head. For that reason alone, a number of headwear options have become increasingly more common as 2018 reaches its halfway point.

One of the many trends we’ve seen as far as headwear goes is the gradual shift from traditional lace veils to more transparent sheer veils. Tiaras have also become a pretty popular inclusion, adding that regal and princess-like appearance so many fantasize about when planning their dream wedding!

Others have also begun to incorporate antique hair combs into their bridal wardrobe! These ornate and sentimental pieces pull their weight in adding to your awe-inspiring look while also filling that requirement for both something old and something borrowed! A real double threat any wedding outfit would be incomplete without!

Bridal Sashes

Bridal sashes are beautiful and increasingly popular accessories capable of adding just a bit more personality into your bridal attire. From simple and ornate sashes to muted and vibrant ones, there is a variety of options you can choose from when integrating this element into your wardrobe. Regardless of the look you end up opting for, make sure you nail those measurements just right as these pieces need to be custom made and fitted to your dress.

Bridal Earrings

Bridal earrings don’t need to be large and vibrant to add to your overall look but, in 2018, we see more and more brides veering towards more eye-catching options like gold hoops and lustrous, jewel-encrusted selections. Again, regardless of what you end up assimilating into your big day’s look, make sure it stays in line with your personal tastes. Your end goal shouldn’t be creating the most fashion-forward look, it should be creating a bridal outfit that undoubtedly screams “you”!


Looking at the year’s trends can be a wonderful way to inspire innovation and creative inclusions to your wedding style. Keep these few observations in mind and create a fashion-conscious and entirely unique bridal style that still feels wholly grounded in your personal aesthetic!